West Hanover Township Authority (Stormwater)


At the December 1st, 2021  monthly meeting, the board approved a 35% reduction to the 2022 Stormwater fees! Please remember the COVID refund will not be applied to your 2022 invoice if you already received the ONE -TIME credit.


2022 Tiered Billing Rates (35% Reduction)

2022 Stormwater bills went out 3/14/22.


View your 2022 parcel (case sensitive): https://bit.ly/WestHanoverSWM

Search bar (magnifying glass) is in the right column.

If you feel the impervious area on your parcel may be incorrect, you may file an appeal within 60 days (May 14th) of the 2022 Stormwater billing. No appeals will be accepted after that. When submitting an appeal, please fill out the form and return with additional information supporting the incorrect assessment. We will forward that to HRG to review and they will recommend approval or denial to the Authority board at their monthly meeting.  

Appeal Form (PDF)

We are accepting credit applications for 2022. When submitting a credit application please make sure the form is completed, include a $25 filing fee made payable to “West Hanover Township Authority” and provide additional documentation and photographs. If additional documentation and photographs are not provided, the engineer will mark the application incomplete. Approved credits are not retroactive to the year. If the credit is approved by the board, it will be applied on the following years invoice provided the account is current.

Stormwater Credit Application Form (PDF)

Credit applications must be submitted by mid-November in order to be reviewed by HRG and recommended to the Board for approval or denial at their December 14th meeting.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Credits are not applied to delinquent accounts! Your account must be current by December 31st in order to receive credits on your Stormwater invoice for the next year. This includes automatic credits such as the low impact and non-urbanized credits.


2022 Updated Consolidated Budget:

2022 Stormwater Budget (PDF)

The Authority is hosting the monthly meeting in person at the Township Administration building as well as virtually on Zoom. The monthly meeting is on the second Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. Public comment is offered to those that attend in person. Those unable to attend the meeting in person but still wish to have the opportunity for questions and comments may submit their correspondence in writing by 12 pm the day before the meeting. Timely submitted questions and comments will be read and/or provided to the Authority board at the meeting. If submissions are not received by 12 pm the day before the meeting they will not have the opportunity to provide public comment via Zoom. To submit your comment or question please email Alexis at awoodruff@westhanover.com.

If you would like to be added to the Zoom email list please email Alexis no later than 3 pm the day of the meeting. Once added to the list, you will automatically receive Zoom invites to all public Stormwater meetings.

We ask that you continue to practice social distancing and be courteous to our residents, board, staff, engineers and solicitors in attendance.


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