West Hanover Township has returned to In-Person Meetings!

With the termination of the COVID-19 proclamation of disaster emergency, meetings of the Township’s Board of Supervisors will be conducted in person commencing June 17, 2021.  Any individual wishing to actively participate in and offer public comment at a meeting must attend in person.

In the interests of increased public access, however, West Hanover Township will continue to provide the opportunity to passively view meetings via Zoom.  To obtain the information needed to view the meeting via Zoom, please contact Tara Rex at (717) 652-4841, extension 109 or trex@westhanover.com no later than 12:00 PM the day prior to the scheduled meeting.

Those unable to attend the meeting in person but who still wish to submit questions/comments beforehand may do so by contacting Tara Rex at the contact information above.  The cut off time to do so is also 12:00 PM the day before the scheduled meeting.  All timely submitted questions/comments will be read and/or provided to the Board of Supervisors at the meeting.  Any individual submitting questions/comments before the meeting will not have the opportunity to provide public comment remotely via Zoom.