Waste Management Contract Amendments

Dear West Hanover Township Residents:

After much time and negotiating, the following changes to our contract with Waste Management were agreed upon with them and the West Hanover Board of Supervisors:

Effective immediately – Any resident currently with the standard cart services (96-gallon & 64-gallon wheeled carts) that would like to return the carts, can bring them to the detached garage located behind the Township Building and can revert back to their previous method of trash container and recycling container use. You can just return the larger trash container and keep the smaller recycling container.  The Township will need to gather some information: name, site address, phone number, email address and bar codes on containers before they can be returned.  If you are unable to return the containers, once the necessary information is collected, you can put the containers curbside and our Public Works Department will pick them up.

Effective Monday, July 1, 2019 – Any resident currently on the PAYT (pay-as-you-throw bag tag) service will be sent 12 bag tags directly from Waste Management at a cost of $6.00 per tag for a total of $72.00 per year. Additional bag tags can be purchased at the Township Building for $6.00 each.

Effective Tuesday, January 1, 2019 any resident may change from the standard cart service to the PAYT service or vice versa.

We truly appreciate your patience throughout this process.