Public Safety Advisory Board

On June 2, 2003 the Board of Supervisors of West Hanover Township established a standing Public Safety Advisory Board to provide guidance and recommendations regarding community public safety issues. As a growing community with many changes in its development, construction, public infrastructure and transportation patterns, West Hanover needs to take special care to review the impacts of projects and policies in order to ensure public safety is maintained. Matters related to local public safety are complex and involve a variety of public officials, agencies, and non-profit fire service organizations to provide emergency and emergency medical services. A more formal oversight approach is important for the Township in providing effective emergency services, but also to capturing the unique expertise from emergency services personnel and agency representatives.

The duties expected of the Public Safety Advisory Board are as follows:

  • Provide input on major subdivisions and land development plans during the pre-application and/or planning review process
  • Review and comment on service area issues that relate to police, emergency medical, and emergency management operations
  • Review and comment to the Board of Supervisors on any Fire Equipment Capital Plan, including preparation of equipment specifications and the procurement of identified apparatus
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of the Township’s emergency operations plans