Effective immediately, if you need to purchase a compost permit, please download the compost application from our website, complete the PDF form and attach your payment. You can also complete online. Place the form and payment in the black mailbox that is attached to the Township Building on the right side of the main door. You will be notified when your permit is ready, and you can pick it up below the black mailbox at the main door of the Township Building. We will have blank compost applications near the mailbox if you cannot download one from your computer. BE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE APPLICATION AND IF YOU PURCHASED A COMPOST PERMIT LAST YEAR AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED (PHONE NUMBER, LICENSE PLATE, VEHICLE MAKE/MODEL) YOU CAN SIMPLY WRITE “SAME AS LAST YEAR” ON THE FORM INSTEAD OF HAVING TO FILL IT OUT COMPLETELY.

Dauphin County has notified us that they will not be picking up e-cycling items until the pandemic is over. Therefore, we must stop accepting these items. Effective immediately, e-cycling items will no longer be accepted by West Hanover Township until further notice.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience during these trying times.