• The yellow public works truck parked out front of the maintenance building.
  • A yellow tractor is pushing a mound of dirt from a road with employee onlookers.
  • The Maintenance Building on a sunny day, all garage doors are closed.
  • An employee steps out of a white Public Works truck.
  • The yellow Public Works truck parked in one of the garages.
  • The front of the E-cycling shed with a yellow barrel to the side.
  • A waste disposal barrel for oil and one for antifreeze sit next to the E-cycling shed.
  • Side view of the Maintenance Building's closed garages.
  • A white truck sits parked outside the Maintenance Building.
  • Side view of the yellow truck on a sunny day with an American flag in the background.
  • Close-up on the front of a yellow truck, employee inside driving it.
  • Front view of green dumpsters sitting next to the entrance shed.
  • Green dumpsters sitting next to the entrance shed.

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