COVID 19 emergency procedures memo – update

MEMO – Revised 04.08.20

Due to the existence of COVID-19 within Dauphin County, West Hanover Township has adopted a Proclamation of Local Disaster Emergency and has taken emergency precautions to protect employees, contractors, and residents of the Township from exposure and transmission. All Township buildings (Administrative, Public Works and Parks & Recreation) have been closed to the public and will remain as such until further notice.

In order to accommodate your needs relative to Building, Planning, and Zoning permit applications, and inspection requests, the following procedures have been implemented:

• All zoning and building permit(s) application submissions shall be made via electronic submission. Hand delivery will not be permitted during this time.

• Zoning and Planning permit applications shall be emailed to Janet Hardman at

• Building Code permit applications shall be emailed to Eileen LaForce at

• Copies of all permit applications shall also be submitted by email to Daniel Rosario, Township Manager, at

• On March 6, 2020, Governor Wolf issued Proclamation of Disaster Emergency and on March 19, 2020 issued an order regarding the closure of all businesses that are not life sustaining. The Governor’s orders limit construction activities with exceptions for emergency repairs and/or medical projects ONLY.

• Accordingly, Township staff will review all permit applications and inspection requests, but cannot issue permits or perform inspections unless the work associated with the project is subject to a waiver of the Governor’s order or may proceed without the need to obtain a waiver. To that end, the Township requests that all applications be accompanied by a certification to the Township indicating that the project is subject to a waiver or is not required to obtain a waiver. A copy of this certification form can be obtained by emailing Township staff at the email addresses noted above. If a waiver was granted, a copy should be submitted with the application along with any details submitted to the Commonwealth in support of the waiver when available.

• Inspection scheduling and issuance of permits are suspended unless or until the above listed procedures are followed to establish that the construction activity associated with the project is subject to a waiver or is otherwise exempt from the Governor’s closure order as a life-sustaining business activity.

If you are submitting a Land Development plan, Subdivision plan, or Zoning Hearing Board application, the following procedure will apply. As you are likely aware, West Hanover Township is presently still operating, but at a significantly diminished staffing capacity, to best comply with the CDC’s social distancing guidelines. It is our goal to continue to conduct our business as we would under normal circumstances, however, we request your patience as the Township deals with the challenges of holding the necessary public meetings to review your application during the COVID 19 Pandemic. Depending on the actions and recommendations of the relevant federal and state officials, we may at some point ask that you provide an extension of time for the Township to meet its statutory requirements under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code. We are not there yet, and it is hoped that step will not be necessary.

For Assistance contact:
Building Codes, Ron Schuabauer 717-540-6080 or
Zoning & Planning, Janet Hardman 717-540-6075 or
*All phones are being checked and messages distributed.

Daniel Rosario, Township Manager/BCO