Stormwater Fees

2023 Stormwater Fees

2023 Tiered Billing Rates 

Tier's Impervious Area Range
2023 Annual Fee
1400 to 1,999 square feet (sf)$29.25
22,000 to 3,999 sf$66.95
34,000 to 5,999 sf$107.90
46,000 to 7,999 sf$152.75
5Greater than 8,000 sf$2.24 per 100 sf

The 2023 stormwater bills were mailed to parcels on March 15th.  An update was posted on the website and the Facebook pages to notify residents the annual bill was coming.   If you feel the impervious area on your parcel may be incorrect, you have 60 days (May 15th) to submit an appeal and documentation. No appeals will be accepted after May 15th. When submitting an appeal, please fill out the appeal form and return it with additional information supporting the incorrect assessment. If additional documentation is not supplied, the engineer may mark the application incomplete. We will forward that to HRG to review and they will recommend approval or denial to the Authority board at their monthly meeting.

Payments can be made directly to Keystone Collections online, over the phone or check via mail.  We cannot accept payments at the Township office.  

Contact Keystone Collections at 866-539-1100.

View your parcel (case-sensitive) or use the following QR code.

QR Code link to the 2022 parcel search website

Real Estate Certifications / Real Estate Transactions

Please contact Keystone Collections 866-539-1100 directly for the certification for real estate transactions.  Please remember to check all years for stormwater fees:  2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.  The stormwater fee remains with the parcel not the owner, so it is very important for buyers and title companies to make sure fees have been made for all years.  We are not permitted to get involved in past / current owner disputes over bills.  Bills are not prorated, they are for the calendar year.