Dear Parents,


We are excited to introduce the 2018 West Hanover Township Summer Recreation Program! Your continued support will allow the program to grow. The program is operated and administered by the West Hanover Township Park and Recreation Staff, which is solely responsible for the program content and management.


The goal of this program is to provide safe, exciting, fun-filled summer activities for children that have completed Kindergarten through 5th grade.


We wish to give an experience that will allow children to develop their creativity and individuality while receiving care and understanding from an involved and enthusiastic staff.


All of our Summer Recreation Staff members & Counselors are up-to-date with our State Police & Child Abuse Clearances. They are also trained as mandated reporters as set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services.


Here are some guidelines for our camp attendees that are important to note:

Attire:          Please wear clothes that are comfortable for the weather and able to get dirty!

Health:        No medicine may be held or distributed by P&R Staff. Please keep sick kids at home.

Attendance: All attendees must be signed in and out by their parent each day of camp. If your child is walking to camp or riding with another parent, this must be arranged with P&R Staff in advance. Additionally, any persons other than the parents may only pick up children with prior arrangements made with P&R Staff.

Punctuality: It is important to be on time with drop-off and pick up times at accurate locations. Please plan accordingly to be considerate to both Staff and attendees.

Accessories: If your child brings any items with them to camp, please mark their name to make sure that it finds it’s way back home. Do not send iPads, cell phones or any other electronic items to camp as they will be a distraction to the camp.

Discipline:   Children will be encouraged to behave themselves throughout the camp. If we have a recurring issue, a call will be made to the parents to rectify the behavior. If an issue persists, disciplinary action such as exclusion from activities or exclusion from the remainder of camp will be an option for P&R Staff

Refunds:      No refunds will be issued for sickness, schedule changes, or anything else that may cause a participant not to be able to attend.


We are all looking forward to a summer full of fun activities and events for the children of our township! Please follow us on Facebook ‘West Hanover Parks & Recreation’ for all of our upcoming events, activities, and programs throughout the year!




Don Holmes, Director

West Hanover Township

Parks & Recreation

summer rec camp packet