Building / Code Enforcement


The primary means to ensure minimum levels of building construction safety and quality is to enforce the Uniform Construction Code. The public involvement in private construction of homes and other facilities begins with the building permit application. In West Hanover there are generally two types of permits:

  • Residential construction permit
  • The commercial building permit

The Township also has specialized permits related to pools, decks and other structures. All permits are acknowledged under the UCC and Township Code of Ordinances. The building permit authorizes construction and the occupancy certificate authorizes a builder to sell and occupy a structure because the municipal requirements are met.

Property Maintenance

The Code Enforcement Department is the agency responsible for enforcing the various Ordinances. Infractions enforced in West Hanover Township include, but are not limited to:

  • Burning
  • Property maintenance
  • Overgrown lots or yards
  • Inoperative vehicles
  • Maintenance of structures
  • Public nuisances
  • Anything else adopted in the West Hanover Township Code deemed important for the quality of life within the boundaries of the Township

Code Enforcement Staff

  • Hear and process complaints and requests for service
  • Perform and/or coordinate investigations of all alleged code violations and collect evidence related to these matters
  • Seek the compliance of all code violations and prosecute code violators to seek compliance or appropriate correct actions and fine as determined by the District Magistrate or Common Pleas Court

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