Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department provides support to the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission in the following areas:

  • Assists in coordinating work and analysis related to Township Comprehensive Plan issues
  • Assists the Township in the preparation of subdivision/land development, zoning ordinance and other related ordinances for consideration by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors
  • Assists in the analysis of applications proposing to rezone land in the Township
  • Conducts technical reviews and makes recommendations on land development and subdivision plan applications
  • Conducts other planning studies and performs other related projects that support the planning and decision making of the Township
  • Maintains maps and data regarding land and property in the Township
  • Process and issue building, zoning, and other development permits
  • Carries out long-range community development programs
  • Provides staff support to the Planning Commission, EAC, Zoning Hearing Board, and others
  • Independently oversees records and/or other projects at the request of the Board of Supervisors or Township Manager

Zoning Enforcement - Zoning Officer

The primary means of managing land use activities is municipal zoning. The public involvement in private land use and business activities begins with an application to the municipal zoning office for a permit. In West Hanover there are generally two types of permits: 

  • A permit approving start of construction
  • A use permit, which acknowledges that under the municipal zoning ordinance that the use or activity is a permitted activity on the property.

The Township Zoning Ordinance is enforced by the Township Zoning Officer. The PA Municipalities Planning Code, Section 614 states that "The zoning officer shall administer the zoning ordinance in accordance with its literal terms, and shall not have the power to permit any construction or any use or change of use which does not conform to the zoning ordinance." If the applicant or a concerned property owner disagrees with the zoning officer's determination, the remedy exists to appeal the determination to the Township's Zoning Hearing Board.

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