Stormwater Credit

Credit Applications

Approved credits are good through our MS4 permit cycle, which was extended to 2025. We will communicate with all parcels with approved credits when we have more information regarding our next permit cycle. We are accepting credit applications for 2024. When submitting a credit application please make sure the application is completed, including a $25 filing fee made payable to “West Hanover Township Authority”, and provide additional documentation and photographs. If additional documentation and photographs are not provided, the engineer will mark the application incomplete. Approved credits are not retroactive to the year. If the credit is approved by the board, it will be applied to the following year's invoice provided the account is current.

Stormwater Credit Application Form (PDF)

Credit applications must be submitted by mid-November in order to be reviewed by HRG and recommended to the Board for approval or denial at their December 13, 2023 meeting. Credits are listed in the Authority's Rates, Rules and Regulations and begin on page 14, article XIV.

Rates, Rules and Regulations (PDF)

Please remember: Credits are not applied to delinquent accounts! Your account must be current by December 31st in order to receive credits on your Stormwater invoice for the next year. This includes automatic credits such as low impact and non-urbanized credits.